Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letting Go

Today my heart broke a little.  The mantra for this school year is "Second Grade, here I come"!  Not the usual "I will miss you too much".  While I am so thankful you're so excited to learn and be with your friends, I can't help but be a little hating on your Aunt Boo for seeing you more than I will during the day!  And the shower.  Oh how I about lost my shit on that.  No checking to see if you got all the soap out, no throwing the wash rag over the shower, and when I asked if you wanted me to brush your hair, you got me with the BIG one.  A simple "No thanks" before you shut your door and did it yourself. 

But don't worry little one.  I know my job here is not done.  You'll still need that jumper zipped up tomorrow.  Pretty sure your dad will tease you and you'll again come crying to me.  And I too hold an ace card.  You haven't mastered the art of cutting a crust less sandwich in the perfect triangles!

So I walked in to do my nightly ritual of making sure you are safe in bed, kissed those baby cheeks, and whispered "Second grade, here we come"!

To the moon and back