Saturday, August 29, 2015

Meet Me in St. Louis

The Fullers went out on a limb and took our first family "vacation".  Two nights in St. Louis was our destination.  This was the first time just the 3 of us went away together.  Our usual companions are Grandma and Babe, but us brave souls ventured out on our own.  Minus the possible concussion Liv may have gotten from the fall out of bed, it was amazing!  And as Mr. Neely says, "It's a grand old town".

 For her birthday, Miss O wanted an American Girl doll.  Thank you to her friend Maddy for starting that idea.  After Mr. Fuller had a near coronary at the prices, we were on to bigger and better things.
Like swimming and the Magic House.

The Magic House.  If you live in the Midwest, you have GOT check it out.  Hands on is what this whole place is about.  Every inch of the Magic House is interactive.  Plus food was amazing.  So used to non-descript pizza, nachos with canned sauce, and dry soft pretzels at our local venues.  J had the pork taco special and I had an amazing turkey sandwich.  We ended the day on the beach-as in they turn the parking lot into a gigantic beach.  Complete with Adirondack chairs, sand toys, and a professional sandcastle builder!  This one place my ADD brain could last ALL day. We went from China, to the White House, and all around the town.


Fastest flight ever and zero jet lag!  Our visit to China was amazing.  Miss O was able to write Chinese, make a lantern, live in a home in China, and write a special wish.  Her wish?

I am so in love with my tender-hearted girl.  All she wanted is my Uncle to come back from Heaven.  Pretty sure she joins a long list of people with the same wish!

How about some art?  The art room would make any crafter crazy jealous!  Every craft tool needed is there, even sewing machines.  And it is all color coordinated to boot!

We had a try at being a vet.  And now we want a pet of course.

Is it a wonder why she has my whole heart?

The day Olivia ruled the world.  And to honor her Uncle, the "W" had to get a thumbs up from her!

Until we see you again!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Lunch Bunch Worksheet

It's that time of the year.  The pencils are being sharpened, supplies are being labeled, and we are fitting in the last of our lazy days of summer. I read my post from last year, and we are in the same spot.  As much as I complain about the "quality time" we spend together, I am not ready.  This year, she will have her own desk.  Do you know what that means?!?!  She is a big kid.  And we will have to deal with big kid problems.

This is Round Two of my whole School Mom deal.  I was armed and organized with these tools last year.

I started out school lunches with a BANG!  Cute sandwiches, lunch box notes, fancy napkins-you name it.  Then, she found hot lunch.  Anything Mrs. Dippold makes cuts it.  If I am trying to get her to eat something new at home, I just tell her that it's Mrs. Dippold's recipe and she tries it!  We do occasionally have cold lunch, usually when eggs or pepperoni pizza are involved at school.  This year, I want Miss O to get involved, gain some independence, and earn her keep!  I created a "cheat sheet" to help her.  All she has to do is pick one item from each section, throw it in her bag, and lunch is served.  I have included ours with the food we usually pack, and a blank one that can be filled out for your needs!

You can download them HERE

Here are the links to all the fun tools we use for lunches.  Also, the Dollar Store and Target Dollar Spot have some great items as well!

What's your secret school lunch weapon?