Monday, May 18, 2015

Easiest Mexican{ish} Meal around!

Mexican Chicken, Refried Beans

I could eat ethnic foods everyday of my life.  Give me a red curry, pollo yucatan, or some matar paneer any day over good ol' steak and potatoes.  In Peoria, Illinois, there is a limit on true ethnic restaurants.  Taco Bell DOES NOT count.  My favorite date night is to the one Indian restaurant that has remained open more than a year.  Now I must be truthful, I have not mastered the art of gourmet ethnic cooking. If you can make it in a crock pot, it will be on our table! Mexican seems to be my go-to.  Here is the easiest Mexican Salsa Verde you will find!  I love it on a tortilla with some Mexican cheese and fresh cilantro.  Best tortillas around?  Aldi's.  Legit.  It has been the conversation at many a school pickups! Awesome as leftovers as well.  So says the girl who usually snubs the Tupperware in the fridge!

And DON'T freak out at the top secret ingredient in the beans.  A little Crisco never killed anyone did it?