Sunday, November 30, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Return Letter {FREE PRINTABLE}

Our Elf on the Shelf, Hank, is back in the Little Blue House.  I am sneaking him into Miss O's bedroom as soon as I finish up here.  Hank is dropping by with some new pajamas, eraser, lip gloss, and the almighty band-aids!  It buys me a day...good old Hank will be up to his shenanigans starting Tuesday.  This Elf on the Shelf business is a reminder of again why we have no pets.  It is hard work to keep this Elf naughty!! 

 Looking for a welcome or goodbye letter for your elf?  You can grab what I am using HERE.  Feel free to print and use.  Coming soon I will have photo props and other Elf goodies!  

Tomorrow AM will be quite the whirlwind...Hank's arrival, first piece of chocolate from her Advent calendar, and putting the first part of Santa's beard on the countdown (found HERE).   What are your favorite Elf on the Shelf activities?!?! Is it Jan. 1 yet?!?!


  1. Super cute! Sharing this post with my sister---she's still deciding about getting herself an elf. This may sway her :)

    Happy December Blog Hobnob!