Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Letter to My Daughter

Dearest Olivia-
It is official.  You are 5 now.  As you lay asleep (and breathing...I checked for the 10th time like I do every night), I wonder if you have any idea the impact these five short years have had on me.  One has no idea that another person can make such a difference in their own life until they have a daughter like you.  The greatest gift I have ever been given was the chance to dedicate myself to being "Olivia's Mommy".  This job is the best gig I have ever had!

From the beginning, you have brought an amount of laughter to our home that has never relented.  You incredible sense of humor and quick wit-100% from your dad's side-keeps us rolling.  From the knock knock jokes to your daily life observations, you keep us laughing.  Your imagination is one of pure joy and innocence.  You fill our walls with so many amazing masterpieces and McGyver like concoctions-again from your dad.   There is no doubt that when you step into the Little Blue House, you are in a place filled with creativity and pride.  And gurl, everyone knows who you get your Beyonce moves from.  BeyBey has nothing on you or your mother!!  Disco parties at noon?  I am in!  Getting down to the Lorax soundtrack?  Why not!  You have allowed your father and I to experience a sense of love for not only you, but between ourselves, that I never imagined I could feel.  And of course your friends will only be lucky enough to have your kind heart and loyalty in their own lives.

What do I promise to you?  I promise to continue to love you with all of my heart.  I promise to continue to learn from my mistakes as a parent...and trust me, there will be plenty more to come.  I promise to continue to let you sing the word jerk in "Fight for Your Right" by the Beastie Boys. I promise to try new things and conquer my fears to show you courage and trust.  I promise to always tell you I love you, even when I am upset.  I promise to help co-pilot your journey, with Daddy in the Captain's seat, until the day I die.  But most importantly, I promise to let you use your wings.  The world is yours...for both your own joy and pain to experience and grow from.  Lord knows next year that all day Kindergarten will be rough, but together we can do it!

Today we celebrate you in the best style-Your style.  Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl I know.  Momma loves you...too much!