Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let's Eat!

Back from vacation and all settled back in to the Little Blue House.  So excited to try some of these amazing dishes!  Since Miss O is on Spring Break, I added some goodies for us to make also.  Here's what grub will be served up this week in the Little Blue House!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Family

Loving vacation, but my heart and mind are back home.  Thoughts and prayers for a family member are more than welcome!

Easter Gift Tags

We left for vacation the week before Easter break so Miss O took her teachers' their treats last week. They are truly amazing!  I could not have let go of my girl had they not been there to help me along the way!  The one thing Miss O loves most about her school is that my sister, Aunt Boo, teaches there.  Days when she gets to see my sister is "the best day ever".  My sister also sends sweet notes and surprises to Miss O at school.  There is nothing like the love between Miss O and her Boo!

I bought every kind of candy "egg" I could find in the Easter candy section.  She had to give Aunt Boo a little treat before we left.  I filled it with some pretty office supplies and Snickers eggs (her favorite!).  I put them in a bucket for the Dollar Spot section at Target (how do I end up spending $30 in a DOLLAR SECTION?!?!?!).  I needed a gift tag so I whipped one up on Hettie.

Since you guys are so "Eggstra-Special", I have them right HERE for you to use.  You can write any gift recipient on the blank spot.  There are numerous sizes so you can throw one on ANYTHING!  You know it...Print.cut.done!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Road Trip Survival

Two more days and we will be hitting the high roads for our Spring vacation.  And that equals to be 8 LONG hours in the car.  I was trying to figure out how lessen the pain of Buster and his parents being in the car with a 4 year old and a 36 year old with self diagnosed ADD.  God Bless Pinterest and the creative people who contribute to it.  I found some great tips and tricks for traveling on there.  I have included the 4 I am hoping to use.  I also stocked up on Melissa and Doug travel items (LOVE LOVE LOVE their products), snacks, and movies.
Pray for me...or maybe them!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Printable-Original Hip Hop Star

Okay.  Let's keep it real.  I am not going overboard with Spring decorating at this point.  I have none and am leaving for VACATION in 4 days.  After that, Birthdaypalooza will take over.  What I WILL do is keep the Easter prints and ideas coming.

Here is an ode to the original hip hop star.  Sir Hops A Lot!

Get him here

You know the drill!  Print.cut.frame!

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