Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Valentine's Lotto Tickets

Are you feeling lucky?  Here is an easy DIY Valentine's Day Activity that you can make for that special someone in your life.  You can keep it "G" rated for the kids, or spice it up for your lover (I cringe I type that word!).  

All you need is:
*Print out of lotto tickets here (Use cardstock)      
 *A white Crayon (only white will work)                     
     *Black Acrylic Paint                                                                  

After cutting out the cards, write what "rewards" you would like in the hearts.  I tried pens with black and purple ink.  I would go with a black ink pen.  Take the white crayon and color over the heart.  I put a pretty good layer of crayon on top of my writing.  Then use the black acrylic paint and put a thin layer over the entire heart.  Let dry-I should have waited a bit more before I scratched mine for the pictures above.  And guess what?  YOU ARE DONE!  How is that for easy?                                                                                 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Basic Scone Mix

Life in the Little Blue House is frigid.  I can not longer feel my toes kinda frigid.  In a few days, the temperature may drop to -13 degrees.  I have chosen to not live in Antarctica for a reason.  And so I become a hermit.  I really, really want to bump up the thermostat.  Like bad.  But ol' Buster says I need to choose between a 74 degree home and private education for Miss O.  How fair is that?!?!  I have however, figured out how to outsmart him.  I bake.  All day.  I let that oven warm the house for hours.  Today I made my basic scone recipe.  It is so easy my sister could make them (love ya Boo!).  I found the recipe here.  It is based on a Glamour article in a 1984 issue.  Oldie but goodie!

I added cinnamon chips to half the batch, and colored sugar to the tops of the rest.  Next time I am going with some orange zest and cranberries.  What combos would you use?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's Eat!

Here's what's up for grub this week in the Little Blue House.  This week is all about the crock pot...fix it and forget about it!

You can find the recipe links below:

Working on my freezer meal collection.  What are your favorites?

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's a Hard Knock Life

Here in the Little Blue House, we give our stamp of approval on child labor. We work her from sun up to sundown. Nah, who am I kidding, I just wanted an excuse to make a chore chart!  We do want Miss O to not only have responsibility for her belongings, but also the importance of working towards what you want.  So far, this chart is a HUGE success.  She loves to pick out her chores for the day and you would think the $.50 a day she gets is a windfall!

Sorry for the crappy phone picture!

I Pinterested chore charts until my eyes bled and decided to follow one similar to this chart.  I am not big on embellishments and wanted to keep it simple.  I found I favored the graphics that I found here so those were purchased and used.  I had purchased the metal board from Pick Your Plum over a year ago and had Hettie cut out the words and divider.

To make the chores, I used the purchased graphics and large, clear vase fillers that were found in the floral section at the Dollar Tree.  I simply cut the chores to fit the back of the clear gem, and used some Mod Podge to adhere it.  After back of the gem had dried, I put on another layer of Mod Podge to seal it.  I then hot glued a magnet to the back.  Voila!  Chore chart is complete!

This chart is currently hanging on a drawer pull on her dresser.  Soon it will have a "new home"...stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"No Wonder That's It's Livy That We Love"

You love to throw parties.  You have only one child.  Your only child has an imagination that is so sweet and innocent.  What does all that equal up to?  Issues.  Lots of issues.  And birthday parties that while quite lovely, are the subject of some good natured teasing.  So that is why I am knee deep in all things Unicorns and Rainbows.  And it isn't until May.

I am working on my inspiration board for the big #5 birthday party.  Here is a peek at last year's Birthdaypalooza.  Miss O turned 4 and it was a jolly holiday for sure!

Sweet Miss O had a handmade dress all of her own.  Her Great Aunt Edna lovingly made it for her.  Miss Mary from Daddy's office went all out and came as Mary Poppins too!

The Food: Mini Tea Sandwiches (Nutella, Chicken Salad, or Cucumber), Fruit, Scones, Cookies,  and cupcakes the girls decorated themselves.  The sugar donuts were "Spoons Full of Sugar".  

Party Favors: What is a party without some favors?!?  The girls decorated kites and made bird feeders during the party.  They were send home with chalk to create scenes like Bert, a bag with Mary Poppins silhouette with "tuppence" (gold candy coins) and some bird seed to "Feed the Birds".  They also were able to fill favor boxes with candy from the candy bar (not pictured).

My girl and I.  It's probably not to hard to see why celebrating the day she was born needs to be over the day of my life EVER!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Valentines for the gals

Thus far during this lovely year of 2014, the Little Blue House has survived some serious snow storms, the Polar Vortex, and the Germs of Awfulness.  I spent the last few days between the couch and bedroom but I am back in action, and ready to get my bloggin' on!

Here are some Valentines I created for Miss O to hand out to the girls in her class (Patience grasshopper, the boys' Valentines will follow).  These of course could be used for boys and girls, but I have this blog which allows me to claim my issues are now in the name of marketing and getting the Little Blue House out there.  So more to follow!  Because I heart you all so much, I have attached them in PDF form.  I had Hettie, my Silhouette, cut them out as my lack of eye/hand coordination prevents straight lines.  If you would like some done by Hettie, let me know...I am sure we can figure out something!

Grab it here!

Grab it here!

For the "Bubble" valentine, I simply added the bubbles (found at Michael's) with some washi tape.  For the "Pencil" valentine, I used an Exacto knife to cut 2 small slits unto each side of the heart.  I then carefully pushed the pencil (Dollar Spot at Target) through. 

 Anywhoo, Buster says I am the lamest Room Parent ever and the kids will want to stab me with their pencils since they are not getting candy.  I do not see Valentines based around BB guns or Chinese Throwing Stars in my near future, so lame it is!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Measure Once, Cut 5 times

That is my motto.  And that is also why Buster and I can not work on projects together.  He of course, is measure 8 times, measure 4 more times, and cut.  So while he has been in the garage working on his first Little Blue House project, I have left him alone to work on my own.  Teamwork at it's finest!

I was asked by my favorite sister-in-law (even if she wasn't my only one, she would still be the favorite!) to try and re-create some Pinterest projects she found.  I looked at them and figured it would take no time at all.  Oh silly Jenn!  I created it on Program A, realized it would be better on Program C after trying Program B, saved it to the wrong format, forgot to save my revisions...and just when I thought I had it all figured out...Walgreen's photo and I  engaged in war.  OK.  Maybe I headed into battle with tools you would find in my Dad's garage (pitiful).  Maybe my ADD...SQUIRREL!
Again, issues with reading directions all the way through.  So here I wait for Buster to get home so he can figure it out for me.  Because that is what he does.

Until then here is a sneak peek at the wall decor for my niece.  And please try to contain yourself when you see the sweetness that is Sully!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's Eat!

I am a big fan of Menu Planning.  It let's me stay focused at the grocery store, keeps us on the Little Blue Budget, and helps my ADD by knowing what always to expect!  Here is what we are chowing down on this week in the Little Blue House!

You can find the recipe links below:

The Spicy Shrimp is a Buster specialty.  I will provide a post dedicated to this deliciousness after he makes it on Thursday.  Your taste buds will thank me!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Movin' on up...PDF style!

When preparing to start this blog, I greatly depended on my best sister.  She is honest, but kind.  Truthful but tactful.  One feedback was the accessibility of the printables.  Having to go through Picasa was not all that user friendly.  You see, I am somewhat "challenged" when it comes to all the different programs available and the last time I downloaded computer was attacked!  All the Norton in the world couldn't save her!  What to do, what to do?  Enter stage left...Buster!  The great thing about Buster and I.  I tell him what I want, leave him alone for a few minutes and TA DA!   So ladies and gentleman, I can now make any file into the coveted PDF!!!  This means great things for Hettie and I.  Hettie?  Different post, different day!

I was going to save this printable for next week, but I needed to show my love to my personal Geek Squad!  Introducing the first in the line of Buster Prints:                   

Download neutral here              Download pink here

What do you do with this?  Print it out, put it in a 5x7 frame, and use a dry erase marker on the glass to tell someone all the reasons you love them.  

I have one for both Buster and Miss O.  Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day!  I have given you a pink and neutral choice but am happy to personalize one if you need it!  

Say Cheese!

The one thing I believe you can never have enough of in a home is pictures.  And when you have an adorable subject at your disposal, there are too many to pick from!  I decided to take the barren space behind the couch and turned it into a mini-gallery.  That is where I hang my favorite pics of Miss O.  I wanted to be able to update it for seasons, ages, etc. and still stay on a Little Blue Budget :)

There are so many tutorials out there on making your own "canvas" pictures.  I chose the least complicated one.  I have no idea what source it was so I am showing you how I do it!

You will need:
* Canvas (sold at any craft store)
* Photo/Print to match canvas size (I love Costco)
* Black acrylic/craft paint
*Mod Podge (I use Matte for this project)
*Application/sponge brushes for paint/Mod Podge

1) Paint the sides and a small edge on the front of your canvas choice with acrylic black paint.  I do a minimum of two coats.  Let dry  2) Add a layer of Mod Podge (if you mix it with a little Murder She Wrote it takes on magical powers!).  Immediately place the print/picture on top of the Mod Podge layer.   Place the back of your picture onto the canvas, thus leaving you looking at your adorable subject!   I often turn the canvas over and press on the back of it to make sure the print adheres to the Mod Podge. 4) Hang it up or send it off as some Happy Mail!

So easy, and so on a Little Blue Budget!!  How do you get those great pictures out of your camera and into your house?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

They're Back....

"Why be social when I have you".  Says Bates, or my husband?!?!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I figured it out.  After all this time, we have had it all wrong.  Hell does not involve flames and scorching temperatures.  Instead, you will find inches upon inches of snow, single digit temperatures, and below 0 wind chill.  I am in HELL!  Miss O.  another story.  Although it only lasted 10 minutes, she was in Heaven!

While they were out frolicking in the snow, I whipped up this printable...because Baby it IS cold outside!  
You can print it here
(it is a 4x6 but can be printed 5x7 & 8x10)

IKEA Cinnamon Rolls Knock-off

Today was a wonderful beautiful  AWFUL winter storm.  I HATE winter!  So what do you do on a FREEZING winter day?  You crank up the oven and bake away!  Today I made IKEA inspired cinnamon rolls.  I originally found the recipe here.

You can go from this:

to this:
In no time!

I have attached the recipe so you can make them yourself.  I will admit I pulled a Sandra Lee and used canned (YIKES!) frosting today.  I am a  "use by this date" snob.  The whipped cream cheese was 2 weeks over so I had to break out the ready made.  These were so good that Buster and Miss O ate them for breakfast AND lunch!

You can download the card here

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The year 2013 brought many wonderful things to our lives.  Our sweet Miss O started PreK, we had 2 wonderful trips down south, and I started this adventure!  I wanted to reflect on the past and set some goals for the future.  Hours and hours of pinning later, I came across this list.  Perfect!  Short and sweet, to the point!

Miss O's answers melted my heart!  Her favorite song to sing to?  "Girls" by the Beastie Boys.  Her best friend?  Mommy!  I am looking forward to my goals of learning to sew, not raising my voice as much, and re-reading some books of my childhood!